• Fast and Affordable Credit Card Processing in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Free Processing Equipment
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Gift Cards on Demand Program
  • Customer Retention Tools

As you are searching for a reliable credit card processing provider by Fort Lauderdale, FL, keep in mind you will want to find a company that will answer all your company needs. MagicPay is a full service merchant account provider; we specialize in retail merchant account, mobile credit card processing, online shopping cart integration and high risk merchant accounts. Our goal is to make credit card processing quick and easy for any business owner and help your business grow and increase revenue.

MagicPay is fully dedicated to the success of its clients and supplies free equipment placement in order to decrease expenses and maximize profits for its clients. We believe that your success is our success and are looking forward to long term business relationships with our merchants.


Fort Lauderdale, FL Retail Merchant Account

 Running a retail location is not an easy task and sometimes you have to find a partner that will enable you to integrate to your POS system. Our platform is compatible with most POS software out there. Our special technical department that handles POS integration will help you setting up the system fast and easily. On top of that, many businesses still use their own credit card machines, in which our tech staff can show you how to re-program in a matter of minutes!

Retail Credit Card Processing Advantages:

  • Secured Processing Account
  • Free Credit Card Processing Machine
  • Free Accounting Software
  • Sales and Coupons Software
  • Loyalty Cards Solutions


Mobile Solutions


In a service economy such as the United States, several merchants offer services at the spot of the customer. These traveling business owners often find it complicated to take bank cards as a form of payment. Consequently, MagicPay is offering a technique in which merchants can take payments anyplace, by using their smartphones or tablets. Advantages include safer transaction, because you will be able to swipe the card in opposition to manually entering it (though manually key in is also an option), and reduction in processing fees because your own iPhone, Android or iPad will transform to a mobile credit card machine.


Need to accept bank cards on your website or computer? MagicPay has a simple secured payment gateway that will allow you to process payments both online as well as on a computer. This technique is being used by various industries that are in a necessity of an umbrella solution, meaning they need to take retail, online and mobile transactions. Using this technique you will be able to take payments online, on your website, as well as in retail (on a pc) using our USB credit card reader and also over an iPhone, Android or iPad device, using iProcess. iProcess is a mobile app that will transform your mobile device into a creidt card machine.

Benefits include:

  • Secured Payment Gateway
  • Store Sensitive Payment Information Securely
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Electronic Invoicing (Great for Billing!)
  • Recurring Billing
  • Risk Prevention Tools
  • Dispute Prevention Tools
  • Compatible with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

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