• Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Free Credit Card Processing Machine
  • Point-Of-Sale Integration
  • Gift Card Solutions
  • Customer Retention Tools

MagicPay Merchant Services is a merchant services company. We provide merchant services in Key West, FL and the nearby area and enable businesses use bank cards as a form of payment.  Our solutions include; debit and credit card, ACH and e-check processing methods. 

MagicPay is fully dedicated to the success of its customers and provides free credit card reader in order to decrease expenses and maximize profits for its customers. We believe that your success is our success and are looking forward to long term business relationships with our clients.


Retail Merchant Services by Key West, FL

Whether your business is a restaurant, a store or any other type of retail business, you would want to be able to swipe debit cards and allow as many forms of payments as possible. With MagicPay you will be able to process all major credit cards. MagicPay is devoted to being well-suited with almost any processing terminal you own. If you don’t own a processing terminal already we can supply one with no additional cost!

Retail Merchant Services Advantages:

  • Secured Processing Account
  • Free Equipment Placement
  • Free Quickbooks Accounting Software
  • Social & Mobile Marketing Software
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs


Mobile Solutions


In a service market such as the US, lots of businesses offer services at the spot of the customer. These mobile merchants often find it not easy to allow bank cards as a form of payment. Hence, MagicPay is offering a technique in which merchants can accept payments anyplace, by using their smartphones or tablets. Advantages involve safer transaction, because you will be able to swipe the card vs manually entering it (even though manually key in is also an alternative), and reduction in processing fees because your own iPhone, Android or iPad will convert to a portable credit card terminal.

Virtual Terminal Merchant Services

MagicPay offers a Virtual Terminal through its secured payment gateway which allows merchants to accept payments from any pc with an Wi-Fi connection. This sophisticated system allows businesses to accept bank cards on their website or through the virtual payment gateway (designed for both brick and mortar and online businesses).

Benefits include:

  • Secured Payment Gateway
  • Customer Credit Card Information Management
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Electronic Invoicing (Great for Billing!)
  • Recurring Billing
  • Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Chargeback Prevention Tools
  • Utilize VbV and MasterCard SecureCode

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