• Accept Credit Cards Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Free Processing Equipment
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Loyalty Cards Program
  • Social & Mobile Media Marketing Software

MagicPay Merchant Services is a payment processing provider. We provide payment processing in Key Largo, FL and the surrounding region and enable small business owners accept credit cards as a form of payment.  Our solutions include; debit and credit card, ACH and electronic check processing methods. 

MagicPay is entirely dedicated to the success of its customers and supplies free credit card processing machine in order to decrease expenses and maximize profits for its customers. We believe that when you succeed our business grows and are looking forward to long term business relationships with our partners.


Retail Merchant Services by Key Largo, FL

As a retail merchant solutions provider we realize your necessity to accept credit cards efficiently and with no trouble at any given time of a business day. We believe that each business is not the same and as a result may demand different processing method. Whether you use a point-of-sale system or just call for a traditional credit card processing terminal our employees is here to aid you setup the account immediately and efficiently. We pride in excellent customer service and in instant account setups. In case you need help integrating your POS to our gateway, we have a particular department that handles just POS integration. This subdivision will help you get setup in as quickly as a couple of minutes!

Retail Merchant Services Advantages:

  • Protected Processing Account
  • Free Credit Card Machine
  • Free Accounting Software
  • Social & Mobile Marketing Management
  • Gift Card Solutions


Mobile Payment Processing


If your company operates at the place of the client, or if you are running a traveling company, such as trade shows, in which you find yourself in a different setting every so often, MagicPay is offering a mobile terminal solution that will make it simpler, secured and of low cost for your business kind to receive debit and creditcard payments. The way it works is easy. Using one of our apps you will be able to transform your smartphone or tablet device into a mobile terminal in a matter of minutes. This wonderful and uncomplicated to use practice has helped thousands of traveling businesses nationwide, including in Key Largo, FL. Aside from making credit card processing much easier, merchants using this technique has recorded revenue growth. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.

E-Commerce Merchant Account

If your business is online based, our secured payment gateway will permit you to process bank cards as well as electronic checks over the web. On top of that, you will be able to place phone orders using our built in virtual terminal. E-Commerce was never so stress-free and self explanatory as it is with the MagicPay solution.

Benefits include:

  • Reliable Payment Gateway
  • Customer Credit Card Vault
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Electronic Invoicing (Great for Billing!)
  • Recurring Billing
  • Risk Prevention Tools
  • Chargeback Prevention Tools
  • Works with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

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